New Band of the Day: Rusted Brain

Rusted Brain (photo by Marta Osama Pańczak)

Poland today, home of many fine metal acts. Rusted Brain are from Warsaw, one of the few cities which I can pronounce the name of without the use of a Polish:English language guide. They’ve been together since 2009, produced an EP in 2010 and released their first full album in February 2013.

Musical style? No buggering about, they’re straightforward thrash. In your face, sawtooth-edged, rip your ears off and feed them to your bottom thrash. The vocals are angrier than a Grand Wizard who’s just been told his daughter’s dating Ice-T‘s uglier brother and the guitars just want to tear holes in your flesh while the drums pound your innards to mush.

This is good stuff. Album opener “Caught in the Fire” can be enjoyed below and it’s pretty indicative of the rest of the tracks. There is still some variety, though. While the lack of unrelenting speed may annoy some, thrash isn’t just about how fast you can get the strings to vibrate (that’s why we have speed metal), it’s about the whole tone.

Rusted Brain sound like a band who could get a decent sized crowd battering the shit out of each other and leave them grinning like idiots at the end of it.

Info sources include their official page and facebook page.

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