New Band of the Day: Natal Cleft

Natal Cleft [image courtesy of their facebook page]
Sometimes just asking gets you somewhere. Such as the case of Natal Cleft who spotted that I like Heights (like them? I fucking love them) and thought I might be interested in their little rock’n’roll ensemble.

Back on the international trail after our pitstop yesterday in darkest Reading. Today’s band are from the PhilippinesCebu City (the “second city” of the Philippines) to be precise. According to the band it’s down south. So it does have something in common with Reading after all.

They lay claim to the genre of “cerebral metal”, though I’d probably look more at a technical death south. Gutteral but not low-pitched vocals over a heavy beat intertwined with a more classic heavy metal sound with the occasional foray into something that could be classed as “prog” by some.

It’s an interesting mix, but it works. Certainly, you don’t get bored listening to it. If there is a bit that’s not to your taste, it jumps onto something different within thirty seconds and your foot’s tapping or your head’s nodding again.

The video below for “Paradise” is as good a representation of their music as you can get (and my personal favourite out of the songs I’ve listened to). It also shows that they guys have a sense of humour and really seem to enjoy what they’re doing!

The best source of information seems to be their facebook page. If you’re ever over that way on holiday, keep your eyes open. It would break the monotony of lying on gorgeous beaches and diving crystal blue waters to see them live.

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