24 Songs of Xmas 2023: Melodicka Bros – “Last Christmas” (original by WHAM!)

We featured Melodicka Bros as a Classic Cover way back in 2020 with their version of Linkin Park’s “Numb” and could have had them on here numerous times since. The quality of their cover versions is very high, but we try not to put the same avts up over and over when there are so many out there.

However, with this seasonal release we have the excuse to pop them up again and let you know to check out their socials and streams! Unfortunately this new song isn’t on Spotify (yet) so you’ll have the enoy it via YouTube for the moment.

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Check out our collated seasonal playlist, with all the Spotify-able tracks we’ve featured over the last few years

Melodicka Bros: facebook | instagram | spotify | youtube | patreon

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