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What Students are Listening to: Top Metal Genres

When students struggle with focusing on their studies, people encourage them to try different learning methods. Try finding a quiet place, they say. Try studying in a busy café, they say. Well, as it seems, every student has their own preferred method of learning. Some enjoy listening to music in the background during their studying sessions. It keeps them calm and focused and they don’t see it as a distraction. Others can’t stand any sound.

But, it goes even deeper than this. In the past, experts encouraged students to try listening to classical music because of the many benefits it offers. Nowadays, students pick their favorite genre when they study. As long as they enjoy it, it can significantly enhance their learning.

Naturally, for lovers of the metal genre, this is their preferred music. To some this is strange, to others unacceptable. But to many, it’s the best music to their ears. If you’re one of those students or want to learn what types of metal students listen to these days, you should definitely keep reading.

Traditional Heavy Metal

Also called Pop-metal or Sleaze metal, this Metal subtype is definitely one of the most popular among metal fans. In fact, seeing how the lyrical themes and appearance of performers of this metal type are considered more neutral and even popular, this might even be the most widely accepted category by parents and educators, too.

Everything started with the traditional heavy metal. This is why there are many fans that remain Headbangers until this very day. Some of the old fans who began by listening to the traditional Glam metal also listen to different styles or tweak their favorite music into Neo classical, Symphonic, or even Power metal.

This is the basis, the thing where everything begins. Some even consider it the purest form of metal, with some extraordinary artists that made traditional heavy metal music, including Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden.

Progressive Metal

The artists in this metal category are extremely talented. Some choose to mix it with Alternative and Death metal. This particular metal type puts and emphasis on unusual chord progressions and complexity. It means that the listeners will never be bored and are always up to something fresh and new.

Same as genres like neo-classical metal, progressive metal remains one of the most complex genres students listen to. No other type beats progressive metal in drum solos and music arrangements, not to mention the use of instruments and how they play.

As long as it doesn’t distract the student who listens to it, this genre can be an excellent background ‘noise’ to keep the student focused on his studies. In addition, you can use the Edubirdie`s premium quality service to handle the rest of your assignments, especially those essays you need written and papers you need edited before the deadline ends. With these two at your disposal, you have all you need to get through this study session.

Death Metal

Death metal definitely takes an important spot in this list. Many students choose this metal genre as their favorite. In fact, it is so popular, that researchers have performed studies to explore its benefits on students.

This type of metal is the most extreme and brutal genre, played by amazing vocals and combined with piercing, sharp guitar tones.

Thrash Metal

Thrash Metal is a subgenre of traditional heavy metal. It’s also the pre-genre of the Extreme Metal. It features a more aggressive, faster guitar work and music that can genre between melodic performances and really loud shouts. You can find everything in this genre, which is what makes it so popular among students. It is characterized by great guitar solos, amazing guitar riffs, awesome lyrics and vocals, as well as sounds that frequently make the listener headbang.

Melodic Death Metal

For those who dislike the harshness of the traditional death metal, the melodic sub-genre is the perfect choice. Many of the bands in this genre are extremely popular nowadays, especially preferred by teens and other students. This genre features excellent harmonies and melodies, as well as the display of power and strong instrumentation. You can differentiate it from the rest based on the meaningful and emotional lyrics.

Have you figured out which heavy metal genre is your favorite? Many people see metal as a simple music type and can’t really focus enough to see the difference. But, for real metal lovers, the different genres create different experiences and different emotions. For students, some genres can be excellent study music, while others make them lose focus. Make sure to try different metal bands and genres before you pick your favorite.

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Emma Rundle works as a music producer. In the beginning of her career, she worked alongside aspiring artists in all genres. But, when she reached her fame and opened her music production, she decided to pursue only her favorite music genre – metal music.

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