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The Most Controversial Rock Stars Of All Time

Being a rock star isn’t always as easy as many believe, and sometimes these superstars can go a step too far. These superstars have taken the monarch of being a rock star to new levels, and they have become synonymous with being controversial. These superstars have done more than just trash hotel rooms, and have constantly been in trouble with the law. But, which rock stars have lived up to their reputation more than most? Here are some of the most controversial rock legends of all-time.

Ozzy Osbourne

Where to begin? Ozzy Osbourne is a living embodiment of controversy. It has followed him around throughout his career, and that has led to various stories that have been leaked. Just some of the stories that have been told about Osbourne include him biting off a head of a bat during a performance, ruining a hotel room by smashing it up with a dead shark, and also urinating on his fans from a hotel balcony. There is no end to his outlandish behaviour, but fans still flock to some of the best music venues in Birmingham to catch a glimpse of the hometown boy when he plays in the second city. Osbourne even has his own slot title devoted to him now.

Marilyn Manson

There aren’t many rock stars that can claim to have caused as much controversy as Marilyn Manson has. The vast majority of these stories came about in the 90s as he was consistently making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. He dressed up as the Pope during a performance, and was also blamed for the death of 12 students at Combine High School. There are so many rumours surrounding Manson that he is deserving of his place on this list.

Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine have been a prominent figure in the rock world for the past 20 years, but they have been no strangers to public attention. The vast majority of that comes during their live performances as they frequently set light to the American flag. They have also been arrested on multiple occasions, with the most famous case revolving around them being the reason that the New York Stock Exchange was closed for a day when they filmed the video for ‘Sleep Now In The Fire’.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was no stranger to controversy throughout his career, and he continues to be just as controversial in death. However, there are still some people out there that believe that he is still alive. Back in 1967, he refused to change the words in ‘Light My Fire’ during a performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. He continuously exposed himself during live performances, and always used to entice those in attendance at his gigs to riot. He was arrested for indecent exposure in the end, and among other things, he was also arrested for public drunkness and disturbing the peace. However, he remains one of the most talented rock stars of all-time, and no amount of controversies would affect that.

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