Scott Moore

Ageing hippy born in Manchester. Lifelong City and music fan. Love my Border Collie and always on the lookout for exciting new music.

From: Manchester

Preferred genres: Most things with guitars blues/rock/indie/metal/grunge/goth/reggae and lots of different sub genres of those

5 Favourite bands: Black Sabbath / Ramones / Nirvana / Joanne Shaw Taylor / Rush

5 Favourite albums: Stone Roses 1st album / Nevermind by Nirvana / Wish You Were Here by Floyd / Ace of Spades by Motorhead / Ecosystem by Courtney John

Most embarrassing album owned: Sade (bought it for the Mrs)

Favourite venues: Newcastle Riverside (back in the day) and Manchester Academy

First gig: Motorhead Bomber Tour, Newcastle City Hall – yes, I am that old!

Favourite gig: Guns n’ Roses at Bristol Colston Hall – it was bedlam that night

Favourite drink: Skinny latte (Starbucks)

Favourite food: Non-meat pizza

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