Band of the Day: Endeavour

If you like your metal to be laden with proggy melodies, yet still pack a punch, then today’s Band of the Day, Endeavour, are just the band for you. The Bristol-based quartet have only just this past week released their new EP, Bring Upon The Rising Day, a smorgasbord of weighty bass riffs, melodic and clean guitar solos, and group singing.

Endeavour focus on making “epic, skull-crushing prog metal”, an aim which they have certainly delivered on time and time again, with Bring Upon The Rising Day being no different. The EP offers a great deal of diversity in terms of musical style, with the band playing both deep, hard-hitting riffs, reminiscent of death metal bands such as Obscura or Cynic, whilst also creating tracks which are deeply entrenched in melody, making it almost impossible not to sing along to.

If, like myself, you think that this eclectic mixture of weighty, bass-centred riffs and classic heavy metal-style melodies is the perfect combination for a live band, then you are in luck, as Endeavour will be playing the ultimate in British heavy metal festivals: Bloodstock. The group will be appearing on the Sophie Lancaster stage, and will mark their second appearance at the festival, having played the Jagermeister stage in 2015, making them something of regulars to Bloodstock.

Bring Upon The Rising Day spans only four tracks, making the EP all too short, and leaving listeners wanting more, ready for their next release. A special bonus track on the album is a cover on the classic Alice in Chains song “Them Bones”, a particularly brilliant rendition of one of the all-time best grunge songs. Endeavour, of course, infuse much of their own style in to the cover, making it something of their own, with their cover sounding even heavier than the original, and a solo from guitarist Iain ‘GT’ Davies which can only be described as “face-melting”. While the rest of the band has opted to play in a deeper, harder style on this track, vocalist Chris Hawkins moves in the opposite direction, singing in a clean and clear style, something which is also a departure from the original song. All together, Endeavour have provided an excellent follow-up EP, creating something which is so open and diverse, that every fan, regardless of their particular niche metal scene, can find something to enjoy.

Bring Upon The Rising Day is out now and available here, as well as through streaming sites such as Spotify.

Endeavour: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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