Drew Scott

Tattooed ageing biker with a love of photography and hard heavy music and anything with screaming guitars and vocals in. So decided to put the two together and now shoot and meet live bands every weekend at my local rock club as well as any other live gigs I can get to.

From: Burnley, England

Preferred genres: Metal, classic rock, blues, thrash… I’ll listen to anything. You never know what you’ll like till you hear it.

5 Favourite bands: Iron Maiden, Shinedown, Sometime the Wolf, Ward XVI, Alestorm

5 Favourite albums: Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast and Piece of Mind, Shinedown – Amaryliss, WardXVI – The Art of Manipulation, Alestorm – Captain Morgan’s Revenge

Most embarrassing album owned: Europe… I was young, is my excuse!

Favourite venues: The Sanctuary Rock Bar in Burnley. Lots of new and great established bands and where I first watched Ward XVI when they won M2tM, Manchester Area

First gig: Iron Maiden – Manchester, 1984

Favourite gig: Iron Maiden with Shinedown, Manchester May 2017

Favourite drink: Craft ciders

Favourite food: Deep pan pizza

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