New Band of the Day: Betrayer F.T.M.

Betrayer FTM – No Life Till Fury

Before anyone asks, I don’t know what the “F.T.M.” stands for. As a Newcastle fan, I know what I use it for, but seeing as these guys are from Colombia, I doubt they’re as anti-mackem as I am.

What Betrayer F.T.M do stand for is “thrash speed metal” according to their facebook page. With a few smaller releases and one full album – plus another coming sometime this year – these guys are serious about their metal.

I’ve had a listen to their album No Life Till Fury and it’s damn good stuff. Nine tracks, no let-up, great hooks, no fucking about. Definitely glad I slapped on the headphones and assaulted my eardrums with it.

I am in no way saying nice things about them due to the fact they come from a country with more scary gun-toting drug lords than anywhere else on the planet. Hell, with metal this evil, the drug lords should be scared of them.

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