Vredehammer interview

A short while ago I pinged off a few questions to one-time one-man-band, now actual-band Vredehammer. Today, they came back by carrier alligator, scrawled in the blood of an unborn sasquatch by Per Valla... Up until 2009, Vinteroffer was a one man (Per Valla) band. What led to the recruitment of Kristoffer and then the … Continue reading Vredehammer interview

Interview: Electric River (13th May 2014, Glasgow Cathouse)

Apologies to the band for taking so long getting this interview up. It's been a busy week or so what with work, wife and Wembley (to see Gateshead fall at the final promotion hurdle). However, it's finally here! My thanks to Sponge (mainly) and Alex (backing "vocals") for their time after their opening set supporting … Continue reading Interview: Electric River (13th May 2014, Glasgow Cathouse)

Interview: Chrysalis

[With a new album already in the shops, Chrysalis used some of their "thank feck the hard work's done on that one" time to answer a few questions - thanks, guys!] The new album’s out today (as I’m writing this) and it’s the first release in seven years. Why the long delay? Billy: We were kids … Continue reading Interview: Chrysalis

Interview: Wednesday 13 (and acoustic version of “Haunt Me”)

Wednesday 13's Undead, Unplugged tour begins on the 21st of May with an album to follow on July 7th. The man himself took time out from his usual hectic schedule to answer a few questions about the tour. And a few other random things I threw in there... First up, the tour and album. Why an … Continue reading Interview: Wednesday 13 (and acoustic version of “Haunt Me”)

Interview: Suburban Legends in Glasgow

Vincent, Brian and Brian chillaxed with me backstage before their appearance at the low-ceilinged (but very awesome) Broadcast venue in Glasgow last week [gig review here, with pics]. The band were a little over halfway through a fairly extensive trip around the British Isles. We discussed the band's beginnings, how they came to play ska/punk … Continue reading Interview: Suburban Legends in Glasgow

Nexilva – interview

Recent "Band of the Day" Nexilva took some time out to rattle off a few answers to some questions I had for them. Thanks, guys! A new release and your first through a label (Ghost / Subliminal Groove). How has this differed to your experiences with the first album which you self-released? I think it … Continue reading Nexilva – interview