Band of the Day: Ward XVI

Heavy metal and theatrics have a history going back as far as the dawn of the genre. From the corpse paint of black metal, to the costumes which Slipknot wear, to the classic ‘bat’s head’ incident with Ozzy, it doesn’t take much for the those in the heavy metal scene to try and put on a show, and the mighty Ward XVI are no different. The Preston-based electro/metal hybrid outfit released their new single, Cry of the Siren, and a video to accompany it earlier this month, both of which demand your attention which, once you give it, you certainly will not regret it.

Introducing itself with nothing more than the slow clacking of booted steps, an eerie, and even slightly threatening, style presents itself to the listener immediately. The feeling of unease has little time to settle however, as before you have a chance to realise what’s happening, Ward XVI flip “Cry of the Siren” on its head. An intense, jagged-sounding synth riff rips through the track, accompanied by huge, banging drumbeats, ensuring that, if you weren’t already encapsulated by the song, you are now. “Cry of the Siren” proceeds to thunder along at a high octane pace, full of long, utterly melodic vocals which cut through even the most venomous of guitar riffs.

While the subject matter may be grim, the brand new single from Ward XVI is so full of life and energy that it sounds as if it is trying to escape your headphones. Die hard fans of Rob Zombie-esque metal will instantly fall in love with “Cry of the Siren”, yet the track itself is diverse enough that it feels open and welcoming for newcomers too. Full of adrenaline and vigor, “Cry of the Siren” takes no prisoners, yet does inject a real sense of fun in to its listeners.

Cry of the Siren is out now and is available to download from Amazon.

Ward XVI: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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