Wednesday, March 21, 2018
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Gig Review: Metal 2 The Masses – London, Heat 11 (11th March, 2018)

Sunday 11th March and I was back at The Big Red in Holloway, for Heat 11 of Metal to the Masses London 2018. Four bands played, to try and win a spot playing at Bloodstock Festival 2018. Two bands are [...]

March 16, 2018 Gig Reviews

Gig Review: Anciients / Black Wizard / Sapien – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, 7th March 2018

It’s an unusual way to discover a band; looking for cool t-shirt designs online and then after finding one that looks amazing, checking the band out on YouTube to see if they’re any good… About five seconds in to the first [...]

March 15, 2018 Gig Reviews

Album Review: Foul Body Autopsy – This Machine Kills Zombies

Our first encounter with Foul Body Autopsy was with a pre-Bloodstock article when we realised that our questions didn’t work too well when the band consisted of precisely one person, so hasty editing was required! What’s most impressive about Tom [...]

March 13, 2018 Album Reviews

Album Review: Garhelenth – About Pessimistic Elements & Rebirth of Tragedy

My last review was Kim Wilde. So to mix things up, let’s jump about as far away musically as I can in my current review pile and pick up Garhelenth’s recent release About Pessimistic Elements & Rebirth of Tragedy. From pop to [...]

March 13, 2018 Album Reviews

Single Review: Unqualified Nurse Band – Spit & Howl

Self proclaimed “death surfers” Unqualified Nurse Band have been on my radar for a while now, but a band I have as yet not been fortunate to see. Local to my neck of the woods and, yeah I’ll admit it, [...]

March 13, 2018 Single Reviews

Review Round-Up: Sludge and Post-Metal (Ft. LETHVM, Erdve and Greber)

We get so much stuff through that we do struggle to make a dent in the massive pile of great new releases, so here’s a review round-up featuring a trio of recent sludge and post-metal albums with a smattering of [...]

March 13, 2018 Album Reviews