Mothica releases new album ‘Nocturnal’

Nocturnal, the dynamic and emotionally charged sophomore album from Los Angeles-based alt-pop multimedia artist Mothica is out now via Heavy Heart Records – her imprint with Rise Records/BMG.

While Mothica’s self-released 2020 debut record Blue Hour was inspired by the final moments before darkness takes over the sky, Nocturnal descends into nighttime, reflecting on Mothica’s strange relationship with sleep. At seventeen tracks, Nocturnal evokes the imagery and feeling of the late-night hours and follows an ethereal narrative that explores the darker aspects of her mind. The album also explores Mothica’s relationship with sobriety, mental health, and sexual assault. The album’s interludes are voiced by a live-action moth character designed by Mothica herself.

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Today Mothica, who has co-directed all the music videos and creatively directed all Nocturnal visual aspects, shares the music video for the album’s title track. The video for “Nocturnal” brings together all the visual aspects released for the album thus far with a sinister flair.

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Header photo by Lissyelle Lariccha

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