Review: KISS Rocks Vegas

We seem to be getting a pleasant number of live DVDs and the likes for review at the moment, which makes for a nice change. It also takes up more time as I can't just pop them on in the background while I read a book - especially with one as visually entertaining as a KISS … Continue reading Review: KISS Rocks Vegas

KISS Rocks Vegas coming your way soon

I have to say, I love a good live KISS album (IV is probably my favourite so far) and there's a new one on the horizon. No surprises from the title of KISS Rocks Vegas where this one was recorded... Captured in the midst of their 40th Anniversary World Tour, the Rock and Roll Hall of … Continue reading KISS Rocks Vegas coming your way soon

Download Festival in Review: Sunday

[avatar user="Ross" size="50" align="left" /]Sunday. This was looking to be the best day of the weekend from the initial announcement. A day which just got better and better and better. A day which a lot of young people weren’t bothered with but older people loved and the converse applied for Saturday. And then there’s contrarian … Continue reading Download Festival in Review: Sunday

Rock and Roll All (minion) Night!

Just because it's an awesome video and should be shared far and wide!

It ain’t metal, but…

The Moshville Times is proud to support the EDL. That's the "English Disco Lovers" as opposed to the hate-filled racists in the English Defence League who in no way represent my views as an estranged Englishman. The real EDL supports equality, togetherness and the power of all that is funky. After all, even the mighty KISS fell … Continue reading It ain’t metal, but…