Single Review: Shores of Null – Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)

Italian blackened gothic doom entity Shores of Null team up with members of Swallow The Sun and Saturnus for their most ambitious work to date.

As the darker nights creep in earlier and the weather fluctuates, so too does my go-to style of metal. I was immediately captivated by Sabrina Caramanico’s stark, cold artwork to then learn that both Mikko Kotamäki from Swallow The Sun and Thomas A.G. Jensen from Saturnus were also involved. That was the deal-maker, consider me very interested indeed. Also, not forgetting the addition of Elisabetta Marchetti from Inno.

“Beyond The Shores” is a single track, but that track is nearly 40 minutes long and begins with howling winds and bleak violins which break into something very reminiscent of early My Dying Bride – melancholic slow riffs and even more heartbreaking vocals.

The pace then changes to give the track a Sabbath feel, but it’s still encased in misery. This turns back the earlier sound but with added deep growling vocals and some spoken word elements which mostly play out for the remainder of the track.

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I enjoyed the interchangeable elements and varying tempos as it kept the focus on the music track – something that I did worry about it not doing for such a long single release.

The band explains:

If the shore is the limit, going beyond the shores means tearing down the limits. Musically speaking we tried to leave our comfort zone and experiment with just one long song, something that is not new to many Doom Metal bands but surely new to us. From a lyrical point of view, the album deals with the different stages of grief and how the terminally ill deal with their own death. Going beyond the shores is finding peace in death.

An enchanting, gloomy opus.

Beyond The Shores is out November 27th 

Shores of Null: facebook | twitter | instagram

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