Single Review: Jeanice Lee – Double A-side (Christmas In C Minor / My Heart Is Complicated)

I had the pleasure of watching the Jeanice Lee band live earlier this year and they were actually the last band I photographed this year before COVID kicked in. As such I was pleased to be able to do a short review for their new upcoming double A single when they approached me.

“Christmas In C Minor”

The tolling of the bells followed by guitar gives you a distinct Metallica opening feel before the drums and crunching guitars kick in. These are followed by the haunting emotional vocals of Jeanice, and there are musical hints of Within Temptation, Nightwish and Lacuna Coil particularly in the soaring chorus sections. The guitar section as we head towards the end along with Jeanice’s vocals make for a fantastic culmination to a crunching 7 minute rocker.

The talents of Bryan Ramage as a guest on bass and  drum programming as well as his production also help to elevate the crispness of the instruments and Jeanice’s vocal style. This is a real grower of a song and not quite your normal romanticised Christmas ballad, but if you like your operatic style rocker with crunching guitar then this is one for you.

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“My Heart Is Complicated”

The opening has, at least for this reviewer, hints of old-school Vow Wow with its soaring guitars, drums and the way Jeanice sings. It has a constant groove all the way through, which has the old head and feet going, a real strong rocker. I have always enjoyed this style of song and I’m sure a lot of our readers will also.

Again the production by Bryan Ramage shines through. It is hard to pick a favourite out of the two A-sides as both are strong in their own ways. Jeanice Lee is a real growing talent and definitely one to keep an eye on.

The double A-side “Christmas In C Minor / My Heart Is Complicated” is to be released on 4th December 2020, available on all digital platforms and on physical CD. The CD comes with two bonus tracks from a Live In Studio session recorded in November 2019 featuring “Freefall” and “World Of Fallacy” from their debut album.

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Band members:

  • Jeanice Lee – vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Marco Morelli – lead guitar
  • Leen Hodge – bass
  • Graeme Hamilton – drums (Tony Hodge from November 2020)

Header image by Gary Cooper Photography

Jeanice Lee: official | facebook | instagramspotify | youtube

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