Single Review: Straight For The Sun – Walk

Straight For The Sun is a five-piece alternative metal band from Birmingham, UK. Formed in 2018 they have toured extensively since their inception, even supporting the likes of Welsh punk/ragga metal band Skindred, hard rock legends Uriah Heep and NWOBHM pioneers Diamond Head. To date the band have released three singles: “Villains”, “Sirens” and “Unbound”, and the EP No Tomorrow in May last year. After being nominated for Best Rock/Metal Band at the Birmingham Music Awards 2019, they are now on the verge of releasing their next highly anticipated single entitled “Walk”.

Opening with haunting clean guitar accompanied by a score of choir-like backing vocals, the track slowly increases in ferocity before the band comes in full force. During the verse the brutal guitar attack of Pauly Barter and Tom Haywood takes pride of place whilst the drums continue to gradually build to fever pitch, courtesy of the percussive talents of Jamie Human. The band’s vocalist Callum Green tears his way through the lyrics with aggression and melody in equal parts. At times his approach is somewhat reminiscent of that of John Bush (ex-Anthrax, Armored Saint). The band really hit their stride at the chorus which features some impressive riffage that is certainly worthy of headbanging too, whilst simultaneously boasting some catchy vocals. The repeated calls of “I need it more than ever” are a definite hook that makes it plain to see why this track has been honoured with single status.

The bridge after the chorus brings with it a distinct shift in melody which is equally deserving of rocking out to, which I can certainly see happening at many gigs to come. However this section merely acts as a prelude to Pauly and Tom’s outstanding twin guitar solo that borders on classical. After the face-melting has concluded it’s Oz Jackson’s time to shine on the bass with a brief post-solo interlude. It features him single-handedly maintaining the song’s main theme whilst Callum conveys a more sombre approach to the previously frenzied chorus lyrics. Bringing the whole song down to almost a whisper is a great way to change things up and means that when the final reprise of the chorus drops, it drops even harder and somehow catchier as well.

By this point even I can’t help singing along to words that I’ve only just learnt. I will undoubtedly “Walk” away from this one with the phrase “I need it more than ever” well and truly burned in my head for days. When this single drops, go and check it out!

Walk will be released on the 15th May

Straight For The Sun: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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