Gig Review: Famyne / Cwfen / Eld Varg – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow (1st September 2023)

Eld Varg (c) Duncan McCall

On a Friday evening at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow, music enthusiasts gathered for a night of eclectic and captivating performances by a diverse lineup, thanks to the efforts of Duncan Mountain of Redcrust Promotions. Each band brought its unique style to the stage, creating an unforgettable experience for the audience.

The evening began with a thunderous introduction by Eld Varg, who proudly declared, “We are Eld Varg, and we play heavy metal!” Their clean vocals set an anthemic tone, while chugging riffs created a slow-burning rhythm that had the crowd swaying in unison. Eld Varg’s positive and soaring sound was punctuated by ripping guitar solos that left no one in the room indifferent. Their ability to get the crowd warmed up with gang chanting and fists raised in the air made it evident that they were in their element. It was mentioned that this was their first-ever gig in Glasgow, and they left their mark by shouting, “Get your hands in the air and show me your fists of steel!” Eld Varg certainly set the stage on fire with their high-energy performance.

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Cwfen (c) Duncan McCall

Following Eld Varg, Cwfen took the stage with a distinct energy that set them apart. Their performance was marked by their barefoot bassist, establishing an immediate connection with the earth. What stood out most was the band’s captivating vocal dynamics. They seamlessly shifted between banshee-like screams and soaring cleans, reminiscent of the angelic voice of Annie Lennox, adding a uniquely Scottish flavour to their sound. Cwfen brought an enthralling combination of sweeping gothic and melancholic vibes, accompanied by a slow, rolling tempo that cast a hypnotic spell over the audience. Their music washed over the crowd in rhythmic waves, blending soaring melodies with an underlying, mysterious darkness. During their performance of “Time to die,” a sudden tempo change occurred, featuring extensive growled vocals, showcasing the band’s versatility. The vocalist’s commanding stage presence left an indelible mark, solidifying Cwfen’s position as a Scottish band to watch closely in the music scene.

The night reached its zenith with Famyne, a doom metal band hailing from Canterbury. Their performance was characterized by a slow-paced, almost ritualistic atmosphere at points, with spoken word verses that had the crowd entranced, swinging in time with the beat. Famyne’s vigorous stage presence created an entrancing aura, and their slow hypnosis gradually built toward a powerful crescendo. Their music evoked images of space, as if the audience was floating through the cosmos with no destination in sight. The soaring melodic vocals added another layer to this mesmerizing journey, making it feel like a flight through the clouds.

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Pics by Duncan McCall

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