Gig Review: In Flames / Vexed / Defects – Scala, London (27th March 2022)

Defects (c) Lawrence Potter

The stars really seemed to align for this night as if it was a week sooner I would’ve had to cancel due to having covid but thankfully fortune was on my side! In Flames have been on my list of bands I’ve wanted to see live for quite a few years now and what with the pandemic and all I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen but I finally got the chance and off down the A12 to the London Scala I went!

The doors opened at 7:30 promptly and the first act of the night, Defects, took to the stage. Not knowing too much about this band apart from what I’d heard on Spotify (“Scapegoat” and “End of Days”) which I really enjoyed I must say, I had high hopes for these guys and they did not disappoint! This five piece act were the perfect way to kick off this night. Mixing heavy guitar riffage with melodic choruses these lads had everything I know and love about modern heavy metal music! I definitely hope I get to see these lads again soon on the circuit.

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Vexed (c) Lawrence Potter

The crowd were starting to fill out the Scala by this point as the bands had a quick switch over and on to the stage came Vexed. With a very unique blend of intense death growls and melodic clean vocals, vocalist, Megan, really impressed me and is proof we need more female fronted metal acts on the scene! Perfectly complemented with some technical guitar playing and brutal riffage that had everyone in the crowd banging their heads, including myself! I see a big future for this band If they carry on bringing out quality material as they showed me tonight.

Finally, we have our last act of the night, Swedish heavy metal giants, In Flames! The band walked onto the stage to a huge roar from the sold-out audience and kicked the set off with “Everything’s Gone” from their 2014 release, Siren Charms. What a way to start what was to be an incredible show. These guys pulled no punches with a barrage of in your face metal goodness and intense energy that went on through the night! Scattered throughout the set was all the big hits and some of my personal favourites such as ‘Cloud Connected, I am Above’ and ending the night on ‘Take this life’. It was a long time coming but I’m absolutely chuffed I got to see these guys and it was well and truly worth the wait. Frontman, Anders Fridén hinted that the band are looking to be back touring over here later in the year, so to anyone who missed out on the show there may be another chance to catch these guys live soon!

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Pics by Lawrence Potter Photography

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May 29, 2022 2:40 PM

[…] certainly know how to start an evening off in the right fashion. I got the privilege of seeing them a couple of months back with In Flames and similar tonight they put on one hell of a […]