Gig Review: Munro / Nebulesse – Manchester Satan’s Hollow, 5th November 2021

Nebulesse (c) Charlotte Emily

On the rainy streets of Manchester, down a side street Satan’s Hollow can be found, aptly named due to the giant model of the devil himself in the corner of the room. A rather fitting venue for dark-metallers Munro; and the buzz for them is clear, seeing the large queue of fans that has already gathered hours before the doors of the venue are due to open, despite it being their first Manchester show.

Originating as a solo project from Youtuber Jake Munro, known for his dark aesthetic and stylised Youtube videos, Munro make it clear how important social media is nowadays to the growth of bands, are a shining example how the music industry has evolved over the years and how fans can be created all through the magic of the internet.

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Munro (c) Charlotte Emily

Not long after enthusiastic fans enter the room, the first band on is Manchester’s very own Nebulesse, fronted by the extremely bouncy Pixie who launches herself full force into each song, complimenting the audience and encouraging those who know the words to sing along, surrounded by some incredibly talented musicians who headbang and thrash their way through their upbeat and dramatic set containing their own brand of up-tempo metal which by the end of they have the entire room eating out of the palms of their hands and practically vibrating with excitement for Munro.

Catapulting themselves full force onto the stage, Munro, complete with incredibly aesthetic dark makeup, black clothing and boots start the set with a bang, thrashing through each electronic-metal hit with the joy of a band freshly released from their Covid confines. Tearing through the likes of the incredible !Incubus”, “Demonic Headcase” and even throwing in their version of Ariana Grande’s “Seven Rings”, “Seven Strings”.

Their hour long set passes incredibly quickly with the songs being interspersed with upbeat chatter regarding how “mental” manchester is as an audience and how wonderful it was to finally be on tour.

All in all it was a fantastic night over at Satan’s Hollow and it was truly a joy being where the atmosphere was so electric and where two such incredible bands put on a truly unique show.

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Photos by Charlotte Emily Photography

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