Gig Review: Incite / Sworn Amongst / Death Remains – Bannermans, Edinburgh (15th January 2020)

Here we are at Bannermans to catch Incite, headed up by Richie Cavalera, with their full on heavy metal sound. But first we have two support bands to watch.

Death Remains (c) Gary Cooper

First up tonight are London band Death Remains who open with “Destroy”, the first of five tonight from the 2017 album Destroy/Rebuild. A full-on vocal assault with simply stunning in your face drums, earplugs were in tonight. We “Endure and Survive” next before hearing all about the “Hardships”, quite the sonic assault from the boys’ opening salvo. What did drummers do before chain drive pedals?

The 2019 single “Peace in Misery” brings a slight change in pace, probably my favourite out of their set tonight with a slight Trivium nod, I thought. The heavier “Carriers” next as we head into the last track tonight with “No Trace”, again from Destroy/Rebuild. A short but heavy and enjoyable set from the band, nothing new but that is not always a bad thing. I was impressed by the musical ability of Death Remains and the drummer was just outstanding in his brutality. A band worth checking out should they pass your way in the future.

Sworn Amongst (c) Gary Cooper

Next up are Hull/Derby-based Sworn Amongst. We get the whole of their 2019 EP Reclamation tonight, beginning with “Enslaved” which features similar guttural vocals to Death Remains. While Darryl and Ashley on backing vocals add a different dynamic to the sound, I also like the way the guitars sound a bit more to the fore with this band. The slow guitar intro fools you as “Believe” kicks in but I like the way this track changes about.

We head back to 2015’s Under a Titan Sky album for “Kolim Nem” with its crunching riffage of an opening and again I find myself listening and watching the drummer (some fabulous skin bashing tonight). The track has an almost hypnotic feel to it with the guitars feeding the drums. The heavier “The Cleansing” up next leads us into “The Resistance” before we get to the last track, “Set This World Alight” (also the last one from the Reclamation EP), certainly the most melodic of their tracks.

I’ve enjoyed both the support bands and if you like Machine Head or Lamb of God with hints of Trivium thrown in then these are the bands for you. Check them out and give them a like.

The main event now with Incite who I last caught on tour with Soulfly back in 2016 in Glasgow at King Tuts. The band are still touring last year’s excellent heavy album Built To Destroy.  They open with the title track, Richie all over the stage obviously having a great time. It’s a fabulous opening track with heavy bass and drums and some excellent guitar work.

Incite (c) Gary Cooper

We have a couple more from the same album – “Ruthless Ways” and the groove guitar laden “Resistance” – before we end “Up in Hell” from the album of the same name. We head to the Oppression album now for the heavy “Stagnant”, something you could never accuse the band of being that’s for sure, then the fabulous “The Aftermath” from All Out War. Up In Hell again for a couple with the runaway groove of “Losing Grip” and the frantic intensity that is “WTF”, before we get something heavy and foreboding in “Backbone” and “Savior Self” from Built to Destroy.

The title track from The Slaughter leads us nicely into the closing track “Army of Darkness” featuring a killer guitar intro with pounding drums and bass moving us along to the end of an all too short night of heavy metal music. The band definitely progress with each album and I look forward to the new one when it comes out. Catch Incite if you can as they are always a joy to listen to and watch live with the frantic, mad Richie Cavalera!

Pics by Coops Gig Photography

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