Report: M2TM London Quinter Final 2, The Big Red (14th April 2019)

Metal 2 The Masses London returned to The Big Red on Sunday for the second Quinter Final round, featuring: Die – Ego (heavy metal),  Lowen (doom / stoner / prog), The Second (prog / experimental), Symbol of Orion (prog / spiritual), and Old Blood (doom / stoner). 

After all five bands had played and the judges had deliberated, it was announced that Old Blood and Symbol of Orion were the winners – huge congratulations to them! 

Next Sunday M2TM London morphs into an all-day event at The Big Red for the third Quinter Final round as five more bands battle for two spaces in the Semi Finals. As well as the five competing bands, there will also be live sets from last year’s winners of M2TM London Dead Before Mourning, plus TIDES (who sadly had to leave the competition this year due to circumstances beyond their control). Doors at 4:30pm, free entry, verdict at 11pm. Get all the info here.

Photos by Shotison Media

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