Review: Badger Fest – Star and Garter, Manchester (30th September 2017)

Over the years we have seen the Manchester community work together in ways that we never thought possible, from everything from helping musicians with gear to creating events. We have witnessed first hand that there is a growing force that we cherish and are thankful for within our large community.

Today I shall be reviewing one of these amazing events and for new and existing bands a chance to show what you have and much more.

Badger Fest, an event that spawned from the creative force of our very own John Badger, has already become a name that demonstrates just what this city has to offer, as well as helping bands whose names have gone without notice come together and bring their sound and style to this incredible event. With the event being sold out in its first year we already see the community gather together and rejoice in this full force of metal brother and sisterhood.

Get your Badger claws out folks because this is going to be a night to remember!

Obscene Nihilist

Obscene Nihilist open the show with a set which is a mad yet very powerful performance. The band which holds on to a style that incorporates a male and female vocalist, show the Manchester audience style and extremity the likes of which I have never before seen. A set from a band that are dressed to kill and ready to thrill with blood curdling tones and intense drum patterns that brings the opening of this event and begins tonight’s chaos incarnate. Truly a band that deserves some high praise and are honestly a delight on and off stage and a band I will be very excited to see next time.


Next up we have the lads in Reaper. The name of the band has rung my ears once or twice but has never really been investigated, that is until now, ladies and gents as we see a band with speed, crushing tones and everything else you need in a band that takes tribute to the classics of thrash and NWOBHM. This here is a band that brings the speed and doesn’t stop until the machine is done tearing through the audience which, from where I was standing, was a slaughter of sound and technique. A band once again I hope to see again and honestly feel have a path paved for their career in metal.


Up next we have the gents in Obzidian. My first time seeing the band but a band that has made a name within the community. Obzidian’s set is one which brings a new meaning to heavy music as well as being able to draw a crowd who are not only into the tunes but are loyal. Obzidian is a band that has honestly impressed and shown their mettle tonight.

From what I can see, they have a unique energy that is capable of getting the audience ready for one hell of a night presenting an appeal of classic musicianship with modern age full force action. An act that is without a doubt a perfect fit for this already full force festival.

Kringer and the Battle Katz

A band that honestly entertained and surprised the hell out of me is without a doubt Kringer and the battle Katz, these guys are nuts with what they incorporate into their set; from trumpets to a frontman rolling backward on the ground towards the crowd; this is truly entertainment at its best.

The full force action of this band is both groovy and insane with how they are able to create a live setting of random but serious tones that really bring a fun but chaotic force.

Beyond Salvation

Beyond Salvation are a band I have been lucky to see in the past and pack a set full of energy and power, combining technical guitar work with an amazing force of vocal work. They impress the Manchester crowd with one of the most exciting sets of the day. Not only a friendly bunch of lads but a band that is sure to always impress and amazes every time. It can be said that they draw in a frantic crowd for sure as they are a unit ready for action.


Local heroes, and a powerhouse to boot, we see Manchester’s own Amethyst bring the thunder to the Star and Garter with their style of metal prowess. The band whose name has become one of the most synonymous with the Manchester metal scene bring a hard and heavy set raring to let loose unto the crowd tonight. We see a performance of brilliant riffs and intense drum beats the likes of which you will only see with Amethyst. Through the last few years, the name has become larger and larger and now with new material ready to be released we see them in a new form of action.


A mix of everything is the best way to describe Deified. I have never heard the band before tonight but find them interesting, to say the least.

Showing elements of thrash and death metal they delight tonight’s crowd with a mix of different elements to be discovered within their tone and just what they have to bring. Deified seem “different” to my ears but that’s what makes them worth checking out. They seem to have a solid idea as to where their tone is going and how they are going to achieve their own unique cluster of brutality.


On drums, the man behind this evening’s grand celebration of metal, John Badger. We see the mighty extremity of the one and only Impavidus bring the house down with soul-crushing tones and intensity that only can be gained from entering Heaven’s gate and preparing for the eradication of mankind.

From previous experiences with this band, it can be said first hand that there is no mercy shown, showcasing a style of death metal meets groove along with other influences we see a set of pure bloodshed and carnage. Tonight we see the band bring a little extra to this event by showcasing more force, more power and certainly a lot more fierceness.


Bringing groove and strength to a new level is the mighty Bloodyard, a band that has what it takes to create a statue of steel and crush it like tin. The band itself who have been around for a long period of time have proven time after time that there is a lot to fear from heavy grooves mixed with a taste of pure intense Pantera-driven prowess.

This is an act that takes going full force to a whole new level by demanding their own best in every song and shows the crowd just what awaits within the pit.


Melodic and without a doubt brutal to the high point, we see tonight’s final band – the mighty Krysthla – take to the stage bringing their brand of incredibly intense metal to the Mancunian audience.

It is a first for me to see to catch them live and they bring something new to my ears, incorporating an atmospheric sound mixed with a high gain lead of bass and guitar tone that brings a sense of relaxation to these beaten ears.

From what I can tell this is a band that brings a class break of sound and structure that separates them from the rest of tonight’s bands, showcasing a set of songs that destroy and conquer within minutes. From what I can see the band have a loyal following who shows delight and excitement with every song played tonight.

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