Album Review: Memoriam – Rise To Power

Birmingham’s Memoriam need no introduction. Their fifth album Rise To Power continues their second trilogy.

Lyrically, the content of the new album carries on from those that precede it. Themes of grief, loss and despair along with social commentary on recent events such as the war in Ukraine and past events such as the Holocaust – which is the theme of opening track “Never Forget, Never Again (6 Million Dead)”. Inspired by the centenary, it gives the subject matter a very deserved sense of justice.

Artillery drums and savage riffs reign down for “Total War” which ties together past and current events. It’s easily one of the most intense tracks on the album.

The highlight track for me has to be “I Am The Enemy”. This could be the slower, doomier style of guitar playing or it could be the reference to Laurence Binyon’s poem For The Fallen. Lyrically “The Conflict Is Within” is a song that I think that anybody listening can identify with in some way shape or form.

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If there was ever a track that encapsulates Memoriam then look no further than “Annihilation’s Dawn”. War is a subject they know well and they just deliver effortlessly. This is followed up by a certain future live hit with its message of hope and looking forward with a death metal stamp. “All Is Lost” also has a fantastic accompanying video.

The title track of the album, “Rise of Power”, once again continues on from the previous tracks’ message and contains some really powerful elements. Then the album takes a complete twist for its final track, one which honestly gave me goosebumps. The slow brooding atmosphere that lingers into the culmination of thundering brutality concludes this part of the trilogy perfectly.

Darker death metal done right.

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Rise To Power is out on February 3rd

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