Album Review: Motorhead – Iron Fist (40th Anniversary)

Following on from Ace of Spades and No Sleep ’til Hammersmith is the album that will be the golden trio’s (for myself at least) final joyride together – the much underrated Iron Fist.

Some anniversary editions can be seen as cash cows or lazy labels cashing in on a name. However, from a personal point of someone who owns the previous two albums already released in the anniversary format I know the type of thing I’m getting. Secondly, it’s a perfect opportunity to lose a couple of hours away from screens and really delve into the presentation. Also, in this case, to revisit an album that doesn’t get enough recognition in the band’s discography.

This particular version is the 2-CD media book version. CD1 contains the remastered studio album which includes “Go To Hell” and “Speedfreak”. These two tracks alone had me quite rightly asking myself, “why don’t I listen to this album more?”.

Also contained on this disc are studio demos, bonus tracks and instrumentals. One bonus track is the alternative version of “Heart Of Stone”. “Lemmy Goes To The Pub” usually gets relegated to obscure compilations so it’s great seeing it make an appearance on a more major release.

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CD2 is a big factor as to why I like these types of compilation in my collection. It isn’t merely just a live track here and there for filler, but an entire concert in all its unedited glory. Usually the listener’s first time hearing the particular selection of songs, and for Iron Fist it’s Live at Glasgow from 1982 – a gig I unapologetically went to and loved every philthy second of.

It’s strange to contemplate that this album in particular was so divisive and almost written off at the time. But in true Motorhead style this anarchistic bunch of bastards did what they did best and well, we all know what followed…

Another well presented addition to join the others in my collection.

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Iron Fist (40th Anniversary) is out on 23rd September

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