Album Review: Belphegor – The Devils

Belphegor return to once again crucify the uninitiated with new album The Devils.

The opening and title track “The Devils” is full of demonic frenzy that then translates into crushing torment which evaporates into the maniacal “Totendanz -Dance Macabre” which serves up as the album’s unholy introduction.

Highlight track of the album “Glorifziering des Teufels” has a great combination of varying guitar sounds and the slower almost chant like style still manages to deliver an air of evil, which is then followed by an absolute throwback into the discography with “Damnation – Hoellensturz”. This once again has different style of guitars but has an element of theatrics that I rather enjoy.

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The largely instrumental “Virtus Asinaria – Prayer” not only has a wonderfully shot video (see below)  but rather than appear out of place it serves a great precursor to “Kingdom of Cold Flesh”. This is another strong, foreboding track. Award for the heaviest song needs to be awarded to “Ritus Incendium Diabolus”. It perfectly reflects the overall aesthetic that the album is trying to create.

Another largely instrumental track “Creature of Fire” is charged full of woefulness and in the context of the album ordinally would be a great final number, but the band are not quite ready to end their sacrifice as they have one more written in blood. This comes in the form of a bonus track, “Blackest Sabbath 1997”, a medley of two songs from their Bluttsabbath album. A great throwback for previous fans, and a good invitation to get newer fans to explore their discography.

An offering of blasphemous scriptures.

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The Devils is out on July 29th

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