EP Review: Vini Vicious – Atelophobia

With so much going on around here I don’t get to review as much as I’d like. It’s handy, therefore, then an EP pops in as there are fewer tracks to get through before I need to start wrapping words around them. Thanks, then, to Tel Aviv’s Vini Vicious for dropping their recent release Atelophobia over.

The five tracks are apparently “too weird for the hip crowd and too pop for the rockers” but I’d argue they’re perfectly fine for the rockers. They have a nice, simple, “garage” sound. Not over-produced, but not slapdash either. It has a nice, laid back feel to it. Opener “Fuzzy” actually isn’t, whereas “Vultures” actually is… so there’s a bit of a missed trick there! Both are decent songs, though.

“Roll The Dice” is rather punky and short, leading into the chugging “Cadillac” which erupts into a 12-cylinder explosion around the chorus. Lengthy closer “KG” is the liveliest of the songs and doesn’t outlast its 6-minute runtime.

This isn’t wild headbanging arena rock, it’s closer to shoegaze material or the sort of punky music that works better in a more intimate setting. It’s slower, with the bass notes very much carrying the rhythm even when the guitars and drums do go a little crazy. Funky rather than frenetic.

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Atelophobia is out now

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