Album Review: Stöner – Totally…

There are legends, and then there are legends. Do the desert rock godfathers Brant Björk and Nick Oliveri need any introduction? The duo have played in Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age and Mondo Generator and teamed up with Brant Björk’s drummer Ryan Güt to form Stöner. With two albums already on the decks in Stöners Rule and Live in the Mojave Desert the trio have turned up the fuzz once more to deliver Totally …

Björk and Oliveri share the vocals throughout, their interplay natural and engaging. The album resonates with a bluesy vibe, a simple yet addictive desert feel, all delivered organically. The eight tracks flow from one to the other and are guaranteed to make you move.

The stomp of “Party March” segues into the racing pace of “A Million Beers”, a fast, driving track that sees Güt powering the three-piece forward at speed, thick fuzzed up riffs and Oliveri’s pumping bass lines giving the track a lively pulsing ambience. The combination of vocal styles works magically, and the impression that comes across is this is one naturally formed and developed album.

There’s a slower, bluesy pace to “Strawberry Creek (Dirty Feet)”, which chugs along with a hypnotic hum. Once again, the double vocals allow expansion in sound, whilst the guitar work is just filthy. There’s a groove that is sun-baked deep here, and no-where is it more apparent than on the eight-minute workout “Space Dude & The Burn” which runs along almost independent of direction.

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After the short “Stoner Theme” there comes the funk of “Turn it Around Now”, full of deep, fuzzy riffing and a groove that gets the foot subconsciously tapping. And if that wasn’t enough, then “Driving Miss Lazy” brings even more vibrancy to proceedings with its pulsing direction and even more low-end magic before the conclusion arrives in the form of the seven-minute exploration of “Great American Sage”.

Totally … is an album that you can play anywhere. Driving along the highway, relaxing in the garden, or even doing the dishes. It’s versatile, infectious and should be on repeat as soon as you hear it. With a wide range of influences that are subtly hidden within their music, this is a follow up of some stature.

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Totally … is out on May 6th

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