Album Review: Gone Savage – PastLife

First album review of 2022 for me and we have a stunner from Manchester’s Gone Savage with their new yet to be released album PastLife.

The core of the band is singer Will Glover, and Ian Salpekar on bass with various other musicians helping out in the studio. The band start off with “Icon of Today” and if you like your High & Dry era Def Leppard then this is for you. The vocal style is true mid- to late-80s and the guitar sound takes me back to better times, a tremendous start. The band get all “Irresistible” next, a much more driving riff-laden track, but no less infectious with its layered hook-rich chorus and fabulous guitar work.

A bit of “Life in Black and White” follows, and you can see why some of their other reviews have mentioned Dokken, Def Leppard, etc. This is a stunning melodic track and would easily have been a firm favorite back in the day on the Sunset Strip, but with a more modern edge. A “Permanent State of Change” gives us no let-up as the guitars open up carrying Will’s vocals along with the rhythm section. A touch heavier than the earlier songs.

I am loving the production on this album with one leg in the late 80s/early 90s and the other firmly planted in today. The heavy crunching guitars herald “Bulletproof” as Will’s vocals cruise along, and the chorus has hints of Motley Crue and Ugly Kid Joe mixed with Def Leppard. The album just gets better and better. A touch of “Life Incendiary”, which has a wonderful atmospheric feel, is just fabulous and definitely a big nod to Dokken at their finest. The heavy riffing “Louder Than the Sun” is next, and is just fantastic. What a singer Will Glover is, he is definitely one of my favourite vocalists now.

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The drums kick in along with the guitars as “Love Caught Me Out” comes at you like a night out at the Whisky, another stunner with superb guitar and choruses. A “Redemption Song” comes in at a slower pace but delivers no less of a punch, with all those smooth guitars and large chorus sections. This is destined to be played in big arenas. The band are “Powerless” now as the guitars and drums kick in, the track almost has a heartbeat such is the pulse of music layered through it. A riff-tastic track with some lovely layered guitar work.

They want to “Touch Your God” as the last track on the album takes us on a gentle atmospheric ride with Will’s soaring vocals accompanied by some fine guitar work. A fabulous way to end the album.

This has been an absolute pleasure to listen to. PastLife should be huge and, if not, then there are no real music fans out there. This album should be picked up by a major label and really pushed out there. It is for all you 80s/90s fans who like the old but with a modern spin. This is one of those all killer, no filler albums. Get it when it comes out and I look forward to hearing it live at a venue near me soon!

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PastLife is out soon! Check out the “Life in Black and White” video premiere on Friday 11th March.

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Ian Salpekar
March 7, 2022 12:34 PM

Thank you so much for the amazing review for PastLife by Gone Savage!

Gone Savage - PastLife artwork - cropped.png