Band of the Day: Hateful Desolation

Hateful Desolation - Withering in DustVery much a fledgling band, Hateful Desolation sent me their demo to review. Entitled Withering In Dust, it’s a cracking piece of atmospheric, bleak black metal.

Hateful Desolation is a two-piece act made up of Italian and Egyptian halves. Originally started by “Lord Mist” A.K.A “VOID” as a solo project in 2013, he was joined a year later by “Gray Ravenmoon” who took on harsh vocal duties. Everything else is down to Lord Mist.

A point to note is that, when the demo was recorded, Gray was only sixteen years of age.

The band themselves have aimed for a mixture of Depressive and Atmospheric black metal, though think the latter is the stronger influence. I would utterly agree, as I would with their statement to “listen to it through earphones if possible” – or a decent stereo system.

For a 2-man demo it’s very well worked and worth giving it the attention it deserves. While there are only two songs on there (three is you get the physical version, an additional instrumental track is included), they show a lot of promise.

If you want the CD version, you can get it via Adimere Records’ bandcamp page. There are only 100 copies so get in quick!

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