Album Review: Cranial Separation – Bound In Barbed Wire

The South Wales death metal three-piece return with their amalgamation of grind and death metal with new album Bound In Barbed Wire.

Usually, I’m not a fan of intros but when it has a sinister 80s horror feel to it then I can make an exception. In this case it actually makes the title track that little more horrific.

The swirling nature of “Miasma”‘s guitar riffs, highlighted bass parts, relentless drumming and savage vocals make this the highlight track of the album for me and leads into “Rancid Insertion” nicely.

The start of “House of Incest” has a really nice OSDM feel to it that carries through the track even though it’s being attacked from every angle with unrelenting butchery. One of the slightly slower tracks, “Eternal Decay” gives you a slight respite before “Separated From The Cadaver” is ready and all too willing to assault the listener in the least gentle way.

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Easily a live favourite in the future “Solitary Cannibal” perfectly shows that the band are not rigid in their style and has a really nice groove to it. When I was a lot younger I used to get my parents to write out the tracklist for me when I wanted to record something. My 12-year-old self would have loved handing them “Fucked With A Jackhammer” and watching their reaction as it played because it encapsulates everything good about this album.

The final track, “Extinction Level Event”, gives the listener one last slab of gore-drenched hell before the outro kicks in to complete the album.

If you’re quick enough to order you might even nab one of the limited Cranial Separation condoms which fortunately for the wearer doesn’t take the albums name literally.

A molten explosion of terror.

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Bound In Barbed Wire is out October 16th

Cranial Separation: facebook | instagram | spotify | bandcamp

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