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Album Review: Bonded – Rest In Violence

Bonded are one of those bands which you might not have heard of. Formed in 2018 by former Sodom members Bernemann Kost and Markus (Makka) Freiwald, and featuring members of Assassin and Suicidal Angels, the band are raring to go and release their first album and debut Century Media Release, Rest In Violence.

It should go without saying, but this is a thrash metal album. You won’t be finding songs about dragons, unicorns and dismemberment. Instead, you’ll be treated to songs about freedom of expression and statements to “confront politicians, big business-bankers (a.k.a. the men in power) with their own ruthless and inhuman ways.” On the topic of the song which has that lyrical theme, “Suit Murderer”, it’s one of the strongest tracks on the album with a cracking guitar solo and superb drumming from Makka.

The same can be said for the rest of the album as well. There’s not one bad track on here and the title track featuring Bobby Blitz from Overkill and ex-Kreator bassist Speesy is as amazing as you can imagine. Sounding like the lovechild of Sodom and Overkill, this a love letter to the genre if there ever was one. There is a lot of variety on display as well with tracks such as “No Cure For Life” and “Je Suis Charlie” more of grooving thrash vibe as opposed to the breakneck speed of tracks like “The Rattle & The Snake” and “Arrival”. Album ender “The Outer Rim” further showcases this variety with acoustic guitars opening the track which is a nice touch.

Whilst Rest In Violence doesn’t reinvent the wheel in terms of showcasing anything new, what it does feature is exceptionally good. Every member is on top form and gives 110% to create one of the strongest debut albums ever made by a thrash metal band. The album remains fresh after repeated listens and will likely age like a fine wine – getting even better over time.

Rest In Violence is set for release on January 17th via Century Media Records. Grab it on Amazon and help us fund this website!

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