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Album Review: PSOTY – Sunless

PSOTY band photo

These days there aren’t many times when I find myself listening to a song or album for the first time and feeling impressed and like I’m listening to pure greatness, but PSOTY (formerly known as Pet Slimmers of the Year) provided just that with their upcoming offering, Sunless, which is due to be released on the 13th of September this year by Candlelight Records.

PSOTY's Sunless album cover

Right from the beginning, as the intro to “Oil Blood” is building up, there is a sense of epicness. That sense of epicness ends up remaining through the entire 56 minutes of the album. Once the song kicks in, the way all the instruments and vocals come together in the mix sounds massive and I cannot wait to see what it sounds like when played live. It’s as if you were surrounded by sound and it’s hard to not appreciate the fine balance between each of the elements. It doesn’t take multiple playthroughs to get into the album, but with each playthrough you will probably be noticing some nuances that you didn’t before.

The tracks on the album do not have transitions between them and yet they flow seamlessly like parts of a whole with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Not one song feels disconnected or like it doesn’t belong to the album. It’s almost like the album was written as a story and each song represents a different act, and we’re tagging along to the journey. This has in part to do with the sense of epicness mentioned earlier, at times the album feels like it would be the perfect soundtrack to a movie and it’s easy to see that movie come to life in your imagination as you listen to the album.

The vocals, although great, are not widely present in the album. Rather than being present for the sake of being present just because the band happens to have a vocalist, they are used sparingly to add something more to the songs and really elevate them. Each of the songs is so carefully crafted that there really isn’t a need to bring in anything else to them.

While the first few songs of the album feel heavier and darker than their previous material, fans of the band will feel at home with more melancholic mood of the next ones. It’s an album that contains something to please a variety of heavy music listeners. If there were any doubts that PSOTY were deserving of all the praise they previously received from the media, this album confirms that they are indeed deserving of such praise and even more.

Sunless will be available on the 13th of September

PSOTY: facebook | bandcamp | twitter | instagram

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