Review: Thunder On The Left – National Insecurity

On behalf of The Moshville Times we attended the Loud Women Festival in 2017. The festival’s set up to showcase and appreciate female musicians, to give singer/songwriters and female led bands the opportunity to perform in front of a thriving audience. The great thing about festivals like this, is you’ll end up hearing a surprise, a sound that stands out and captures the salivary glands. At around 5pm that evening, we heard Thunder on the Left.

Since then, we’ve been keeping tabs on this three-piece, who are lead vocalist/guitarist Carla, bassist Adam and drummer Arun. The trio allowed us a sneak peek at their debut album, National Insecurity, out in February.

National Insecurity opens with “Everybody is Not Me” then “Cliché” two lyrically provocative tracks of the times we’re in today. These hold no punches and Carla’s lyrical prowess is intense, with the assistance of Adam on bass and Arun’s drumming producing this energetic sound. “Rather Dead than Be Fake” has a steady beat and riff of “creeping up on ya” proportions with intermittent explosions of riffs, while the background beat continues with pace.

Repetitive beats and vocals gives a new meaning to the word interlude, as “Interlude” is a breaking connection to the follow on of the record. The groove and vocals allow the flow of nodding. Moving into the heavier “Vaporise The Bitch” full of distorted riffs, smoking basslines and Arun’s drumming shall make the purest of pogoers pogo.

There’s such a thing as a polite fuck off and Thunder On The Left have created a song called “Polite Fuck Off” which displays Carla’s vocal range. The passion and the pain is emotional, it concerns a long-term friendship gone south, tits up, gone bad. Carla allows her frustration to push to the forefront of this track. A certain highlight.

“Brush your teeth it’s time for bed, are you living, are you dead” – is the intro to album namesake “National Insecurity”. The sound is immense, their bond is strong and their music is an outlet that forays into peace of mind, showing in the brilliant “Sign My Name”. Finishing with near seven minutes of “Simply Eaten”, an amalgamation of styles within this piece of music.

Back in the day, Police 5’s Shaw Taylor would say “Keep your eyes peeled”. Who would’ve thought nearly thirty years later that advice would still be applicable? Thunder On The Left are breaking down doors, playing many venues showing their energetic passion. A band rising to the top and 2018 is the time to keep your eyes peeled for Thunder on the Left.

The band are touring, including 15th February when they play Rough Trade to celebrate the release of this record:

  • 12/02: Bristol, Rough Trade
  • 13/02: Nottingham, Rough Trade
  • 14/02: Sheffield, West Street Life
  • 15/02: London, Rough Trade East (Album launch)
  • 16/02: Oxford, The Wheatsheaf
  • 20/02: Canterbury, Lady Luck Bar
  • 21/02: Reading, Purple Turtle (BBC Introducing)
  • 22/02: Leeds, Verve Bar

Header photo by Christopher Allen

Thunder On The Left: facebook | twitter | Instagram | soundcloud

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