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Album Review: The Inoculated Canaries – Trying Times

New York based rock band The Inoculated Canaries released their second EP Trying Times on the 12th of January. These musicians are influenced by Bob Dylan to Pink Floyd to Nirvana and immerse the scenario of a band who love a guitar solo, some angst and downright strong poetic lyrics. What have the three enigmas have given to the world of music?

Trying Times opens brightly with the psychedelic bouncy feel-good “Count Me Out”, their first release from this EP. Check out the glow in the dark video at the bottom of the page and embrace the keys. “Take A look around” arrives in a 70s rock ballad, appreciating and continuing a classic rock vibe that suits the four musicians. Brian Sweeney’s key solo is wonderful, Mike Rubin’s vocals cascade across the tightness of the band’s flow.

Heading to “Jericho”, it opens in a euphoric explosion of 30 Seconds to Mars proportions, giving us keys with a blues guitar riff accompanying each other. Entering “Ya Mad”, a highlight of Trying Times. The melody, the lyrics and riffs work well together, though the tune isn’t a happy one if you hear the lyrics but the tune gives the feel it is, maybe a bit of Schadenfreude is kicking in. Finishing with “Shipwrecked” a heavier sound, the EP is a telling of stories of eclectic sounds and rawness. These guys are showcasing diversity in music.

Not hearing of The Inoculated Canaries before, listening to the EP is like attending a blind date and being grateful that you’re encountering something new and wonderful. It’s easy to listen to and you’ll be able dance like no one’s watching… or sit at the end of the bed bobbing your head. Great stuff.

The Inoculated Canaries: official | facebook | instagram

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