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Review: Table Scraps – Autonomy

Blown away by last year’s aphotic punk number “My Obsession” and more recently released aggravated track “Sick of Me” (video below), I was already super hyped for Table Scraps’ latest LP Autonomy. When it landed in my inbox with a friendly “here’s everything you need bab” along with an invite to their launch night on 2nd March at the Hare and Hounds, I knew I was instantly at home with this super friendly and responsive Birmingham garage rock trio. Already pricking up the ears of DJ’s Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne, Tom Robinson, Tom Ravenscroft and more of the likes on BBC Radio 6 Music and set for release on the 23rd February, Autonomy is available for pre order right now.

To turn away from a record deal with a large label in your teens takes guts – especially when opportunities of that kind are so far and few between for rising bands. But when you feel like you’re being kept out of the loop of your own life and one two too many false promises are made, something has to change. Drummer Poppy Twist of Poppy & The Jezebels (Mute) made her choice and hasn’t glanced back since. Forming the Midlands three-piece Table Scraps was a natural antidote and as with anything that comes with a DIY-sense of raw honesty, has had huge levels of support. Joining forces with two souls in possession of similar stories, TJ on bass and Scott Vincent Abbott on guitar, the band have become a storming unit of energy and defiance.

I’ve got to admit I was instantly sold on the artwork alone; an alien in a spacesuit sat in a cafe sporting an Elvira pin ball machine, what’s not to love?!

Autonomy is a huge slab of pure unadulterated garage punk. With swaths of deliciously dark, scuzzy riffs, agitated drums and dirty bass laden grooves this ten track LP delivers on every level. Lyrically provocative, Table Scraps are pissed off at life and they’re not afraid to say it. Immediately relatable they tap into breakdowns of friendship and relationships, anxieties and paranoia.

Opener “Sick of Me” is already firmly etched in my brain from its release at the back end of last year. Ridiculously catchy and on the dark side of rock n’ roll, it’ll having you foot-stomping and singing along in no time. Swiftly followed by more frantic and punk-like “Always Right”, it has some of the more heavy riffs on the album, Scott spewing his frustrations, his vocals with a slightly distorted and psychedelic edge amalgamated sublimely by Poppy’s punk tones.

Oozing with paranoia, grungy “I’m a failure” exposes those insecurities we all go through, lack of confidence, comparing ourselves to those around us and utter discontent. The guitars are gnarly and overwrought, suitably fitting.

“Takin’ out the Trash” is the perfect example of Table Scraps’ musicianship, with an almost glam rock stance, this band are not afraid to experiment with their sound making this album an interesting and fun listen. The break down is a sublime cacophony of distorted riffs, Scott encouraging us to deal with and dispose of the aforementioned brain demons.

“Lyin’ Thru Yer Teeth” is embellished with punky spewed vocals and acrid guitar tones leaving us in no doubt of Scott’s disdain. I love that you can hear and feel the emotions through the music before you’ve even absorbed any lyrics accentuating their skills as musicians. “My Obsession” is probably my favourite track off the album, as I said in my previous review, it’s as grimy as they come and would sit well as the soundtrack to any of Quentin Tarantino’s grimmest of scenes.

“Frankenstein” carries on this eerie psych rock feel at a faster pace with Poppy battering her kit into submission. Slick riffs and harsh thumping bass tones bring this track a whole new edge that is begging to be thrashed out live. “Treat Me Like Shit” is an absolute belter of a punk rock song and is without doubt the one that everyone is gonna scream along to when played live. Realisation and anger spat out, that’s therapy in a song right there.

Galloping bass lines lead “More Than You Need Me”, this garage rock number is thrashed out to within an inch of its life and is another firm favourite of mine.  Unconditional love not reciprocated, we’ve all been there, right? Drenched in grungy, shoegaze riffs, it will have you head banging along in delight. Upbeat album closer “Do it All Over Again” will have you dancing the night away and ensures you hit replay immediately.

Autonomy is an epic serving of punk-laced garage rock, with each listen you become deeply attached to the infectious songs and relatable lyrics. Table Scraps have proved themselves to be one of the most original garage punk bands around at the minute and I can’t wait for the launch show to finally catch these guys live!

Live Dates

  • February 23 – Foodhall, Sheffield
  • February 28 – Shacklewell Arms, London
  • March 1 – 60MPC – Bournemouth
  • March 2 Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
  • March 3 – The Trap, Bristol
  • March 10 – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton

Table Scraps: facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud | bandcamp

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