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Review: Insurrection – Extraction

Quebec’s Insurrection have built an enviable reputation since forming in 2003, building a widespread and loyal fan base who have lapped up their unique blend of technical, thrash-infused, melodic death metal. Extraction is their fourth full length release, following 2013’s excellent Prologue.

I admit to having watched the band’s progress from relatively afar, and so was looking forward to getting my teeth into this their latest release. Thirty-nine minutes later I was left wondering why I had left it so long to get up close and personal with the band. Extraction delivers ten tracks of faultless technically brutal yet catchy and melodic, death metal, infused with some wonderful thrash moments. There really isn’t a bad track on this platter, with each following a formula that works but yet bringing something different to hook the listener in. Witness probable album highlight “Pull the Plug” which starts with a slower, brooding tempo and delivers a monolithically heavy and grinding riff which would make any old school death metal forefather proud. Jump then to the equally excellent “Parasite” and the speed and ferocity is notched up but still the track flows seamlessly, driven by the bands trademark riffage.

Hailing from Quebec, Insurrection add another interesting twist to proceedings by penning three tracks in French, including the technically excellent “Le Prix a Payer” which contains a real classic of a thrash riff and some fantastic layered lead guitar work. Final track “Data Extracted…End Transmission” is a fitting close to the album, featuring guest vocals from Bruno Bernier of Obliveon, and brings with it probably the most monstrously catchy/fist pumping riff on the record. It leaves you both happy and yearning for more.

The musicianship on display is technically accomplished without sounding contrived, due in the main to the quality of the riffs which really drive each and every track. The overall feel is further aided by a polished production from renowned helmsman Pierre Remillard, which sounds both crisp and clear but yet captures that old school warm and fuzzy death metal guitar tone, and is down right heavy.

Insurrection are a band that sit happily in that nice space between technical death and thrash metal but to pigeon hole them as such would be unfair. With Extraction, they again show that they are no simple followers and add further to the rich metal scene in Quebec.

Extraction is out now on Galy Records.

Insurrection: official | facebook | youtubebandcamp

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