Review: Goldblume – Go Figure EP

I’ve always been a bit partial to some fuzz/psych rock so when these guys were recommended by one of our photographers, I was pleased to give them a listen.

Goldblume are a trio from Cambridge fronted by singer and guitarist Jethro, Tim on bass and Grant on drums – all of whom aren’t at home unless they are playing live on stage and, well, sweating.

Their second EP Go Figure is released this week on Friday 6th January 2017 on local independent Cambridge label Aaahh!!! Real Records.

After giving the EP several listens, I can hear influences from Pulled Apart by Horses, Pixies and even a little vocal influence from The Darkness perhaps. All in all, it’s a pretty unique sound. The way they effortlessly sail through the tempo changes and the peaks and troughs of each song is impressive. It feels like these three really gel and are meant to be together, ahhh.

Opening track “Bleach” harbours some hilarious lyrics and is a great opening tune giving you a taste of the trio’s abilities for bluesy guitar, punchy drums and brilliantly tuneful bass playing. You won’t get tired of this tune as there is so much within it to listen to. There is nothing formulaic about Goldblume; each time I listen to the EP I discover and enjoy a new element.

The overriding impression I get from second track “Kraut” is just how much bass is packed into that song. Tim and Grant power through like a freight train with Jethro’s vocals and guitar licks dancing on top.

They are not afraid to use impressive vocal harmonies, a touch of humour and some interesting time signatures to keep you on your toes. I don’t get a feel for any stadium rock anthems emerging, but it’s clear that Goldblume are coming at things from a more unique and underground standpoint.

“Headless” has a slightly more mellow feel and yet still maintains clever time changes and plenty of variation to keep you guessing. This style doesn’t detract from the overall sound though. Same applies to “Wisconsin” which features a slightly heavier, grungier feel and showcases more of Tim’s mightily melodic bass skills.

Listening to the frantic drumming on final track “Pissing Tears” makes my arms ache! This is the track that keeps jumping out at me. It starts with mighty vocal harmonies lead by a plodding bass before unleashing the creaky guitar, staccato rhythms and yet more of that brilliant bass. It’s a varied, lengthy track and a stonker of a finish to a thoroughly enjoyable EP.

You can rock up to the Go Figure release show on Friday 6th January in Cambridge at The Portland Arms and bag yourself a limited edition copy of the EP, as well as give your support to a superb band.

Goldblume: facebook | bandcamp

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