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Review: Enemy of Reality – Arakhne

Calling all the mythology fans out there! Enemy of Reality have released their second album, Arakhne, based on Greek mythology. “Arakhne” means spider in Greek, and the band’s second album which came out on the 23rd October, is based on the myth of the spider’s creation.

I know that I haven’t expressed much interest in female-fronted bands but this time I was really blown away. Iliana Tsakiraki, lead singer, is a soprano and takes the album’s songs to a new level! By the time I had access to the full album I couldn’t stop listening to the eleven excellent tracks.

The album starts with the intro, “Martyr”; mainly instrumental and really prepares you for the concept of the album as it is an intense piece. From the first seconds I knew I was about to really enjoy the album. The tracks are generally very powerful and the dynamics and rhythm follow the storyline adding more to the suspense and the album’s atmosphere.

I was really amazed by Iliana’s singing and she shows that a talented soprano can add so much to the character of a piece. The fact that the album is based on a myth of arrogance, punishment and a jealous goddess demanded a very strong instrumental, which was definitely provided through the whole album. The choir-style parts in some of the tracks were more than appropriate for this epic concept album. And how cool is it that they used ancient Greek in their lyrics? As a Greek soul myself I was really overwhelmed and surprised to hear ancient Greek in tracks like “Martyr” and “Nouthetisis”. It was something that definitely added to the atmosphere and drew my attention.

Enemy of Reality’s new album is certainly a strong comeback after their first album, Rejected Gods. Strong guitar riffs, powerful drumming and great vocals! What else do you need? Enemy of Reality have definitely gained a new fan, and anyone who enjoys symphonic metal should give Enemy of Reality a listen.

Arakhne is out now.

Enemy of Reality: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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