Review: Pulverise – Stumble

pulverise-192Continuing my miniature quest to review all the promos I was handed at this year’s Bloodstock, here’s a really short one! Pulverise from Leeds only had a single song on their offering, but it came in a nice little pack which I used to store all the other stuff I got over the weekend so I have to thank them for that! It’s also got a hand-embellished CD label with a cute little picture on it which will be worth a mint when they’re headlining the main stage ;)

Pulverise are a female-fronted (and backed) four-piece rap/hardcore act, which is fairly unusual especially given that vocalist Jojo doesn’t have the deepest of voices. However, this sets them apart from the pack and with added backing vocals from elsewhere, the really heavy bits don’t lose out. Instead, you have main vocals you can actually make out as well as a crushing overall sound.

Thumping skins is Vicky who was a finalist in this year’s “Hits Like a Girl” drumming competition. Balancing out the gender scales are Luke on guitars and Daz on bass.

This one track, “Stumble” is a great little introduction. A catchy rhythm through the verses and pre-chorus lead to a much heavier chorus. Towards the middle there’s that perfect section just designed to allow the singer to wind the crowd up before kicking things back in again.

Definitely (another) band to keep an eye out for, Pulverise seem to be popping up at various venues at the moment. Judging by the size of the crowd they got at Bloodstock, I’m sure they’ll be fun to watch.

Pulverise: facebook | twitter | soundcloud

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