Review: Primitai – Night Brings Insanity

primitai-night-brings-insanityI had the pleasure of seeing Primitai open for Wolf back in February of last year. What struck me about them was not only their supremely catchy music, but also how much energy the guys put into their show. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and we get an email from the band asking if we could have a wee listen to their latest effort Night Brings Insanity. I noticed it came out a while ago and always meant to get round to review it but never found the time. Well, I’m now going to try and make up for that by stopping rambling and getting on with the review…

The album opens with the clean guitar chords of “Black Rider”. Don’t be fooled though, those only last for mere seconds before the superb riffing of Srdjan and Sergio give the song an injection of gasoline. Couple that with the super vocals of Guy Miller and you’ve got a cracking album opener.

“Savage Skies” keeps the pace going with a more upbeat overall feel with new skin smasher Jonny providing most of the drive. The chorus of this song showcases something that I’ve always loved about the band, their vocal harmonies. Sure, they might have been done countless other times in thousands of other bands, but these guys have nailed them exactly and they fit in so perfectly.

The title track of the album opens with a rather simple yet groovy riff before the rest of the instruments come in to usher in an overall mid-paced feel. This is the kind of track that would go down a storm live with its superb guitar solos and excellent vocal harmonies. Now, “Power Surge”. Cor, this one’s a cracker. It reminds me of the sort of song you’d hear on a game like Burnout or something with its rather speedy riffs and epic feel. Oh boy, we “feel the power surge!”

“My Last Escape” tones things a tad but we still don’t really loose that groove that’s prevalent across the previous tracks. “Falling Embers” is a prime example of this, with it’s opening consisting of a tapped guitar melody. With its soaring vocals and harmonising guitars, it really shows just how much these guys think about their songs.

Slowing things down with an almost blues rock like feel is the track “Conclusion Forgone”. This song really shows off Guy’s skill behind the mic as his voice sounds absolutely beautiful here. The song gradually gets heavier as time goes on, but it still remains a rather slow and reflective affair.

“Night Hunter” kicks the pace back up a tad with a rather tasty guitar solo beginning proceedings. Like “Power Surge” this track really ramps up the epic feel and also features some awesome vocal harmonies that easily make it one of my standout tracks.

Ending proceeding is the track “Brace For Storms”. Choosing not to slow things down like a lot of bands might, the band decide to go out in style with one of the catchiest guitar riffs I’ve heard in a long time. Add to it driving drums and a rather epic vocal line, and you’ve got one belter of an ending track.

Having seen Primitai live, I wasn’t sure if they would be able to capture the energy of their performance on an album. After listening to this album, I can certainly say that not only have they done that… but they’ve also created a cracking album that had me singing along in places. Well-done lads. Now get your asses back to Glasgow so I can party to these tracks!

Rating: 9/10

Standout Tracks: Power Surge, Night Hunter, Brace For Storms

Night Brings Insanity was released on May 9th.

Primitai: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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