Review: Distruzione – Endogena

Distruzione - EndogenaCrawling out of the darkest mires of Italy come Distruzione, formed in 1990 and still going. They chuck out a great death/thrash mix and Endogena wa their first release back in 1996. It’s been remixed, remastered and is now being re-sold after being released for the second time a month ago.

Thing is, you could mistake it for a new album. Despite being twenty years old, every one of the tracks is fresh – perhaps the remastering has helped – which stands as testament to the band’s ability to write long-lasting music. The easiest comparison to make is to Sepultura from around the late 1980’s and early 1990’s – more “death” than the Brazilian band became with later albums, but every bit as dark and intense.

There are only eight tracks on Endogena, but they’re all good. No filler, no experimental segues, just fast and brutal death/thrash. Some nice riffs in the background rise it above the more basic bands in the genre, but don’t detract from the hammering your brain takes from the fast pace.

Distruzione have opted to keep to their roots and all the lyrics are in Italian (something I believe they have stuck to through later albums), but these are hardly singalong numbers anyway. Despite their heaviness, they are – in their own way – quite catchy. The rhythms and short riffs just jump into your ears and won’t let go.

Not that there’s any lack of slow and heavy, either. The final track, “Agonia”, for instance is as much an evil, grinding piece of Hell’s own concrete foundations as the other tracks are face-meltingly fast.

People often say or hope that a new album will stand the test of time. Endogena has done exactly that. As fresh and enjoyable as it was in 1996, this deserves a place in the collection of any fan of the heavier end of the musical scale.

You can pick it up via Jolly Roger Records as a digital, CD or (for the first time) vinyl release. The best place to head for these options is Bandcamp.

Distruzione: official | facebook

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