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Review: De Profundis – Kingdom of the Blind

De Profundis - Kingdom of the BlindThe album kicks off with the song “Overture”, an intro track complete with the build-up of guitar riffs and drums that gives the album a heavy kick, for what is to come. Kingdom of the Blind is complete with heavy and melodic riffs, beautiful and melodic bass riffs, and heavy thundering vocals. This can be heard in the song “All Consuming” with its fast and heavy guitars which lead into growling vocals, and half-way through the song can be heard softer vocals and melodies which fit into flawlessly.

Throughout the album can be heard catchy and melodic riffs especially in the track “The Antagonist”. Heavy and melodic drums start off the song, but quickly give way for the birth of heavy growling vocals which make the song catchy. Again there is another soft breakdown with softer melodic guitar riffs and clean vocals which gives the song more depth.

The final track on the album, “In Solitude”, puts together fast, melodic and heavy guitar riffs and vocals with catchy riffs in perfect harmony. Changes in tempo occur throughout, and it fades to an end.

Another perfect album from the band, in all its death metal goodness.

De Profundis: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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