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Review: Third Eye Blind – Dopamine

Third Eye Blind - DopamineWith the advent of digital technology, some bands treat it differently from others. Some embrace it and use it as a means of communicating with fans while still releasing their stuff via traditional methods (Bowling For Soup, The Wildhearts). Some sue innovative companies into submission (Metallica). Others kind of straddle the line… such as Third Eye Blind who have already released Dopamine as a digital download, but who will follow it up with a physical release on October 30th.

Third Eye Blind have been going for some time, but this is their first album in six years. They’re not a band I really checked out before, but their nice blend of simple riffs, hypnotic rhythms and chilled-out lyrics have dragged me in with this release.

In a Way, Third Eye Blind remind me a little of Everclear. That is, not the type of band I would actively seek out but one which hugely impresses me when I accidentally listen them. Dopamine is having the same effect on me as the Portland band’s So Much For The Afterglow. At points you have songs that just surround you, at others you just have to get involved somehow – tapping your feet, singing along.

A lot of the tracks are so pared back, so simple that it’s like rediscovering the basics of rock music. Take “Back to Zero” for example (the name just being a coincidence!). Simple guitar tracks, simple drums, simple vocals… but all overlaid and interlinked to intricately that the song easily bears up to multiple listens.

Top track off the album, for me, is “All The Souls”. A great, rousing song which – at the same time – is relaxing. Something about it reminds me of The Beatles for some reason, and that can’t be a bad thing either.

Dopamine is the type of album to put on during a quiet afternoon. Clamp the headphones on tight, grab a glass of your favourite tipple, close your eyes and just soak in the music.

Dopamine is out now, with CD release due on October 30th.

Third Eye Blind: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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