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Review: Miss Vincent – Reasons Not To Sleep

Miss Vincent - Reasons Not To Sleep

MarkSouthampton band Miss Vincent lock horns with punk rock on their new EP ‘Reasons Not To Sleep’. The fast paced sound is energetic and infectious, and the act look like they’re having fun, pushing their hands up into the thick atmosphere.

The band take influence from Chicago dark princes Alkaline Trio. That type of macabre sound is heard throughout the EP, merged together with big riffs and empowering lyrics. First track DNR, nods proudly and honours those abrasive melodies. It begins with a shot of bass guitar and then rushes into the sharp vocals, naturally punk in its attraction.

Shotgun Queen opens with a masterful riff that keeps the song more than interesting. The raw vocals compliment the pessimistic wordplay, words that could cut through a sturdy ribcage. You Can’t Spell Blame Without is a classic punk pile-driver, nodding in the direction of the established punk bands that keep the scene swinging. The chorus bubbles with negativity.

Miss Vincent naturally play punk music that swells with pessimism and immense talent.

Miss Vincent: facebook | youtube | bigcartel | bandcamp

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Hi I'm Mark from Scotland. I write extensively about music. I also write other forms including poetry and short stories. I am very passionate about music and writing as well as gigging.

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