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Review: Bloodshot Dawn – Demons

Bloodshot Dawn - DemonsMelodic death you want? Melodic death you shall have. Bloodshot Dawn’s second full length outing is a great collection of heavy yet widdly tracks.

The overall sound is generally more one of traditional heavy metal with death vocals, a meandering into the world of prog here and there plus some crushing blast-beats now and again. What I really love about their songs is that you can listen to them over and over again, sometimes focussing on the heavier sounds, other times paying more attention to the melodic tones which wrap around them. It’s like having two songs in one.

Demons is the kind of album that proves you don’t need major label support to produce something of a high standard. It’s a truly international effort – drums recorded in Sweden; guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals tracked in the UK (two different studios); final mixing and mastering done in Denmark. All the travel and selection of the best studios has paid off with a wonderfully heavy collection of music.

What Bloodshot Dawn have here is a selection of songs heavy enough to reduce a Sherman Tank to tin foil, fast enough to leave the Road Runner spitting dust, tight enough to make a corset-fetishist gasp… yet they’re all very accessible and easy to listen to.

“Human Void” is probably the heaviest on the album, but it’s countered by tracks such as “Black Hole Infinity” and “The Image Faded” (which happen to book-end it) both of which have wonderful sweeping guitar solos which wouldn’t be out of place on a Joe Satriani album. Josh McMorran’s bass doesn’t get left out with a handful of twangy licks filling in the gaps.

This is a great album, being released on October 26th to coincide with a UK tour alongside thrash upstarts Seprevation. Both bands are well worth seeing live, so get out there and support them. Undoubtedly you’ll be able to buy the album from the merch stand if you’ve not already pre-ordered it!

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