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100-Word Review: Aeon Zen – Ephemera

Aeon Zen - EphemeraOut on September 1st, Ephemera is the fourth album from UK prog-metal group Aeon Zen. It apparently “…picks up, musically and thematically, where third album Enigma left off. Continuing on with the story, Ephemera closes the narrative loop with the all-encompassing tale of a world reborn.”

Having not heard the last album, I come into the world of Aeon Zen with fresh ears!

Initial impressions are more metal than prog, with a fairly heavy, crunching sound. However, further listening brings in electronic effects, keyboards and odd rhythm changes beloved of the prog genre.

Variety is key in Ephemera. Passages fast and heavy enough to class as black or death metal flow into more traditional-sounding verses which intermingle with soaring keyboards and haunting melodies. Hell, the start of “Life” could have been recorded by The Move back in the 60’s (look them up). It’s all in here somewhere.

An impressive release from what I gather is a rising star in the prog metal scene.

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