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100-word review: Delain – The Human Contradiction

Delain - The Human ContradictionSeeing as I’m interviewing Charlotte this afternoon, and as I’ve been sitting on my copy for the last couple of weeks I thought it made sense to review Delain‘s new outing, The Human Contradiction. It’s available now in most, if not all,  territories.

Easily, overall, the heaviest of Delain’s works to date, The Human Contradiction features the usual orchestral metal sound, Charlotte’s superb vocals and a range of interesting guests who certainly add to the sound.

George Oosthoek grunts out some serious deathy devilment opposite Charlotte’s comparatively angelic tones on “Tell Me, Mechanist”, for instance. Alissa White-Gluz and Marco Hietala also feature.

Intelligent lyrics which actually have a message are a rarity these days, at least without risking drifting into cheesy or preachy territory, but Delain manage to stay within safe boundaries – while still pushing them. Won’t disappoint fans, maybe recruit more?

Track listing:

  1. Here Come The Vultures
  2. Your Body Is A Battleground
  3. Stardust
  4. My Masquerade
  5. Tell Me, Mechanist
  6. Sing To Me
  7. Army Of Dolls
  8. Lullaby
  9. The Tragedy Of The Commons

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