Oli Brown & the Dead Collective announce 2024 dates

Oli Brown & the Dead Collective announce their eagerly awaited headline tour for April 2024 across 10 dates taking in some of the finest venues of the UK – tickets are on sale now!

The tour strikes on from the release of 2 gripping EP’s, Prelude and Prologue which both received rave reviews across the board.

Oli opens up:

When I started writing my next collection of songs, I had no idea what would come. My subconscious was about to make me more aware of what was happening in my mental health than my consciousness. I realised these songs would quickly take on a more significant meaning to my life.

After a series of traumatic experiences, which led to extensive therapy, I put the fragmented pieces into these new song lyrics. As I began to rebuild my foundations, for the first time as a singer, I could utilise the synergy between my heart and my voice, connecting the performance, expression, and vulnerability of the lyrics with brutal honesty. This is no longer about performing for the sake of performing; it’s a release of everything bottled in for too long, transformed into a monumental delivery.

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Dark, haunting and with an epic scale cinematic scope, their songs traverse the depths of the human psyche with unflinching truth; this epitomises the band.

With sonic density and brutally raw performances, it is as if Soundgarden and Pink Floyd collided into a unified musical space with Planet Rock proclaiming after their rapturous set at Winter’s End festival:

There’s a sense of scale here, a windswept grandeur that elevates every move beyond the ordinary.

Even in the darkest, heaviest moments of The Dead Collective’s songs, there is a sense of hope and redemption, a light that shines through the cracks. Through the gravitas of their epic, anthemic rock, hung heavy in feeling and dramatic soundscapes, The Dead Collective‘s music and live performances immerse the listener in an unforgettable experience. Out with the old, in with the Dead.

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Header image by Drew Paul Photography

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