Wardruna announce online release show for new album

Wardruna are presenting a unique virtual release show named First Flight of the White Raven airing on March 26th, 2021 at 9pm CET / 3pm ET. The show will be available for replay until March 28th at 11:59pm CET / 5:59pm ET.

Virtual tickets, exclusive merchandise and bundles are now available on www.wardrunashop.com.

Please note to only purchase tickets through links communicated on their official channels. There are several partners on this event, and you can find the list of approved affiliates and further useful information around tickets, merchandise, bundles and more in the event FAQ.

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Wardruna’s signature sound has no borders. Transcending time, language and musical genres. The Norwegian collective is widely admired for their idiosyncratic, authentic and extraordinary stage performances.

Amidst the global pandemic and the uncertain future of live performances, Wardruna welcomes you to join them from your own homes for an ambitious virtual release show. Seeking to reconnect audiences from around the globe, and to reimagine the entire live experience in a bold new way.

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By joining the event you can experience the première performance of songs from their new album Kvitravn alongside their earlier works, set in special surroundings arranged specifically for this evening.

Header image by Katie Frost Photography

Wardruna: official | facebook

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